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This cousin to Black Walnut (its nickname is White Walnut), Butternut has always been somewhat rare, but in the last couple decades it has been badly hit by a canker (kind of fungus), similar to the blight that eradicated the Chestnut in the first part of the 20th century. The disease is reported to have eliminated butternut from North and South Carolina and greatly reduced stands throughout the rest of the country. For an in depth look at the problem and possible hope for the future you can read a paper on tree diseases published by the US Forest Service.

While Butternut is soft like pine and as such is not suitable for high traffic floors it makes wonderful paneling as well as kitchen cabinets and trim with its warm, homey colors. It is most popular in a microbevel pattern, and we can pre-sand it for quick and easy installation.

As with all our products, this wood comes from managed forests. For more information on the sustainability of our wood, see the "green" wood page.

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Country A rustic look with sound knots and strong color variance
Select Clear of knots but still a mix of lighter and darker colors

Typical Sizes

Widths 4"-7" (as narrow as 3" in Country)
Lengths 6'-10' (up to 12' may be available on special order)