Eastern White Pine

<img src="images/flash/eastern_white_pine.jpg" alt="Eastern White Pine floor" title="Eastern White Pine floor">

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Eastern White Pine is not the most durable wood we have to offer, but it is one of the most popular. You may well ask, Why? In addition to the sentimental value of being one of the first widely used flooring materials of our colonists, the warm colors and large knots produce a character unavailable in any other material.

Looking for a harder and more durable Pine product? Consider the clear Southern Yellow Pine or knotty Heart Pine which are approximately twice as hard as the Eastern White.

As with all our products, this wood comes from managed forests. For more information on the sustainability of our wood, see the "green" wood page.

For pricing, see the price list (PDF).


Country A rustic look with mostly sound knots
Skip Planed Like Country, but with circular saw marks left on surface
Rustic Like Country, but planed to ¾" and the following are allowed: larger knots, split knots, spike knots, black knots, ingrown bark, rough spots

Typical Sizes

Widths 5"-9" (narrow)
11"-15" (wide)
16"-17" (super wide)
19"-23" (limited availability)
Lengths 6'-12' (up to 16' may be available on special order)