"Green" Wood

Wood and the Environment

At Vermont Hardwoods, we have been working with quality wood since 1979. We have learned a lot about wood, and the process by which it gets from the forest to your home or business. What we like about it is the fact that is keeps the local economy going. Our neighbors benefit as much as we do, and it helps New England keep its New England ways.

Our "nutshell" answer to the sustainability of the woods we use is:

  • Our lumber comes from North American forests that are managed and increasing in their size
  • The wood we use is from Appalachian and New England forests (except for Southern Yellow Pine and Heart Pine from Southern forests), which cuts down on emissions from transportation
  • Using any wood product helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using raw materials sourced and processed in the US contributes to our local economy

However, the answer is not quite so simple or easy. If you'd like to know more about the sustainability of North American hardwoods, and the current climate of green thinking, please see our in depth thoughts on our green details page.

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