Heart Pine

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The center of Southern Yellow pine (SYP) trees have a golden brown/orange color to them, and nice tight knots; we call material selected with at least 50% of this character "heart" pine. Because of the resins stored in the heartwood, as well as the non-heartwood portions of heart pine flooring which are largely quartersawn, the hardness is considerably more than standard SYP. In fact, the United States Forest Service rates Heart pine as only about 5% softer than Red Oak.

When America was first settled there was ample Heart pine available from the large, slow growing forests, but in the last century most SYP has been harvested early and often which results in a fast growing tree with little to no heart content. We work with mills that specialize in finding the older slow growing trees with plenty of heartwood and good solid character for a floor that charms like no other.

As with all our products, this wood comes from managed forests. For more information on the sustainability of our wood, see the "green" wood page.

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Country A rustic look with sound knots and strong color variance, and at least 50% of the face is heart

Typical Sizes

Widths 5"-11"
Lengths 8'-12' (up to 16' may be available on special order)