How It's Made

From the first time we talk to a potential customer all the way through to delivery of the final product, our one goal is to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. This includes sourcing the right materials, proper machining and packaging, accurate tallies of the various sizes and selection of the best delivery method.

Drying lumber is a business all by itself, so we leave that to others, and buy all our material already kiln dried to the proper level (6-8% moisture content).

Please review the slide show below to see what goes into making your new floor.

<img src="images/flash/how_its_made.jpg" alt="Step 1 of how we make flooring" title="Step 1 of how we make flooring">
  1. Receive material on covered trucks
  2. Plane the lumber and sort it for width
  3. Straighten (rip) both board edges at once
  4. Run the boards through one of our moulders
  5. Stack piles to maximize efficiency, with nosing on top
  6. Provide stickers for acclimation

Did You Know?

The machines we use to do the final milling on our flooring and moulding are called "moulders", because they essentially "mould" by cutting away the excess wood needed to reveal the profile. This process happens on all four sides of the board in one pass through the machine.

We use moulders made by leaders in their field. Our smaller Weinig is used to make mouldings while our heavy duty Kentwood is used for flooring and dressed lumber up to 13” wide.

The tooling we use to cut the Tongue and Groove profiles is made by Weinig. They provide us with carbide insert tooling - a technology that uses an indexed disposable blade made to very high factory tolerances to ensure repeatability time after time. A similar system is used for the head that cuts the visible face of the flooring, resulting in a beautiful, mirror-like finish that almost doesn’t require sanding. However, as you are going so far as to put a traditional floor in, we strongly recommend sanding - that little bit of extra effort will reward you with absolutely the finest solid wood floor anywhere.

With the long length wide plank flooring we offer, where every little variation is magnified, it is critical to produce the absolute highest quality milled product possible. We are thankful to Weinig and Kentwood for making that not only possible, but almost pedestrian, day in and day out.