How To Order

Follow the instructions below to order flooring from us.

  1. Choose your type of wood
  2. Pick any options you would like
    • Grade: Coloring and allowable "defects" such as knots
    • Joint: How the boards fit together
    • Pattern: Decorative shaping along the top edges
    • Miscellaneous: Sanding and nails
  3. Calculate the square footage of the space you are flooring
    • Add a waste factor if you haven't already − we recommend 5-10% for our Prime and Select grades, and 10-15% for our Country grade
  4. Decide if there are any products you would like to complement your wood floor
  5. Contact us, come into our showroom, or request a quote online and we will give you a firm price
  6. Secure your order with a 50% deposit - payable by cash, check, or any major credit card
    • Your flooring will be milled on a timeline to coincide with your required delivery date
  7. Check out our preparation page to ensure that you're ready when your flooring arrives
  8. Pay the balance on delivery of your flooring, or by the scheduled delivery date if you need to postpone it

Quick Reference

  1. Choose wood
  2. Pick options
    • Grade
    • Joint
    • Pattern
    • Miscellaneous
  3. Calculate square footage
    • Add waste factor
  4. Choose other products
  5. Get a quote
  6. Make a 50% deposit
  7. Prepare an area
  8. Pay balance on delivery