Ok, you've got a big pile of flooring sitting in your house. Now what?

To find someone to install the floor for you, take a look at our installers page.

What if you've decided to do it yourself? While not impossible, it's not for the faint-hearted either. Installing and finishing a floor is a strenuous, dusty and painstaking job. We recommend that you start with a good book such as Don Bollinger's "Hardwood Floors" by Taunton Press. Available from Taunton Press or

Hardwood flooring is best installed using a purpose designed flooring nailer, which is generally available for rent from most building supply stores or rental houses or purchased from many sources including

Wide pine must be face nailed or attached with screws (which can be plugged with matching or contrasting plugs) to prevent cupping. This can be done with modern nails, or old fashioned cut nails such as those available through us from Tremont Nail.

There are nearly an infinite amount of finishing options available to you, one of the beauties of installing an unfinished floor. In addition to the myriad of stain types and colors, if you so choose, there are many surface finishes as well. Whether you choose a simple oil finish or a modern water based polyurethane you can be sure that they will all serve to reveal and highlight the beauty that will be your floor for a lifetime.

Finishing a floor



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"Hardwood Floors"
by Don Bollinger

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