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The following flooring is on sale this month. All items subject to prior sale.

Country Hickory

Country Hickory

Hickory is the hardest wood we carry. It will hold up to almost anything you can throw at it, and it's beautiful too!

Widths 5" - 8" random widths
Lengths 3'-12', heavy 7'-12'
Regular Price $7.90 / SF
Discount 25%
Discount Price $5.93 / SF
Available ≈ 1800 SF
Min. Order 500 SF

Warehouse Cleanout Sale! - Continuing 25% off!! (included in prices shown)

We're coming up on the close of summer and we've got a bunch of leftover miscellaneous items we'd like to clear out before winter strikes. Some of them are enough for a single medium sized room while others may do a hallway or walk-in closet. Or you could go colonial and do a Mix and Match with several for that old school look, or what may become a trend setter! Oak and ash, or cherry and birch make a great combination.
All items are milled and in stock, ready to pick up on a moments notice. Each listed item must be taken as a full lot.

Country Red Oak
5 141 LF
4 83 LF
3-1/4 169 LF
3 11 LF
2-7/8 147 LF
Total 159 SF

Country White Oak
5-3/4 68 LF
5 31 LF
4 10 LF
3-1/4 148 LF (quartersawn)
3 24 LF
2-7/8 200 LF
Total 133 SF

Select White Oak
11-1/4 42 LF
11 114 LF
Total 125 SF

Country Ash
3-1/4 267 LF
Total 67 SF

Select Ash
7 172 LF
Total 97 SF

Country Cherry
3 7
67 SF

Birch (mix of Country and Prime Sap)
3-3/4 & 4-3/4
139 SF


Antique Heart Pine
5 270 LF
4 111 LF
Total 142 SF

Antique Heart Pine Paneling (5/8)
5 151 LF
4 86 LF
3 35 LF
Total 95 SF

Antique Skip Planed Oak
11-1/4 31 LF
10-1/4 28 LF
9-1/4 20 LF
8-1/4 38 LF
Total 91 SF

Select White Oak

Select White Oak

White Oak is Red Oak's more dashing cousin. The color is less strong, lending itself to more diverse decorating options, in addition to being much easier to stain almost any color you want without drowning out the natural sheen and grain. It's also a bit harder than Red Oak, and while it probably won't affect the end user, has silica crystals embedded in the grain which makes it very abrasive to cutting tools.
In the Select Grade you will find there are virtually no knots, although some pin-knots and other small character features such as mineral streaks will appear occasionally. The Select Grade provides a clean, unobtrusive look that will go very will with contemporary design, and would also not be out of place in a more conventional or even rustic decor. It provides a good neutral base upon which to build almost anything you desire.

Widths 5-1/2", 6-3/4", 7-3/4", 9-3/4" face widths - mostly 6-3/4"
Lengths 3'-12', heavy 7'-10'
Regular Price $9.80 / SF
Discount 30%
Discount Price $6.86 / SF
Available ≈ 400 SF
Min. Order 400 SF - must take all

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