Our History

The Flooring Mill Story

The Flooring Mill is a natural extension of Vermont Hardwoods, a company that specializes in the very highest quality hardwood mouldings. Our primary business is the manufacture and distribution of picture frame moulding to the trade, but we have always produced other "moulding" like products such as flooring and trim.

Vermont Hardwoods was formed in 1979 as a division of HP Kiln Corp, a custom kiln drying operation. David Waldmann and Roger Batchelder, friends from childhood, started working for the company at 17 and 18 years old. What started as "just something to do" turned into a real job, and eventually a lifelong career in 1988 when they bought the company. With no formal business training there have been some bumps and lumps along the way, but their faith in a personal God has always sustained them.

In 2003 Vermont Hardwoods was approached as a potential ally in a flooring business. Peter Heyniger wanted to sell locally sourced hardwood in southern Vermont and needed a place to store material and someone to mill it for him. At the time Vermont Hardwoods didn't have the space, so when an opportunity to move to a new facility with lots more room came up, it was an easy decision. For the next four years Peter grew his flooring business by working on relationships with mills and local homeowners and builders while Vermont Hardwoods handled the rest of it. By 2008 The Flooring Mill had grown to the point where it was no longer fun for Peter and he again turned to Vermont Hardwoods, this time to take ownership.

Vermont Hardwoods continues to provide the same great products and services envisioned and implemented by Peter. The only real difference is that the showroom is now in Chester instead of Jamaica. The Flooring Mill is now not only an important but also strategic part of Vermont Hardwoods, as it integrates with our other products to provide optimum flexibility in the use of our material and adds one more dimension to the ever fluctuating thing we call the economy.

After 21 years of the partnership, Roger finally answered his lifelong call to work in the automotive field in 2009. David and his wife Rebecca bought his share of the company and continue to run it in the same manner. We expect to continue to provide those products and services that are requested, forming our company to meet the needs and desires of our customers.


Vermont Hardwoods (VFH) formed as a division of HP Kiln Corp
Roger Batchelder & David Waldmann bought VFH
The Flooring Mill (TFM) was formed by Peter Heyniger
VFH bought TFM
Roger started a new business and David took over VFH and TFM