Preparation is Everything

Ok, you've figured out what you need and placed your order. Now what?


You will need to ensure that there is an adequate amount space available, and that the condition of the space is acceptable.

Perhaps the most important is the humidity level of the area where you intend to acclimate the flooring prior to installation. Wood is "happiest" at about 40% Relative Humidity, plus or minus 10%. An unconditioned basement, or a room where plastering or sheet rock is being taped is NOT an acceptable environment. Wood is a sponge and will eventually equalize to whatever conditions it finds itself in. Too much moisture will expand the boards, and when they dry out in the middle of a dry winter you will find unsightly gaps.

We provide "stickers" to be inserted between each row of planks as they are stacked in your house to facilitate air movement for complete acclimation, so the stacks will take up about 70% more space than if everything was nested together with no gaps. Generally speaking you can figure that 500 SF piles will take up about 4' wide, 12' long and 3' high and will weigh about 1200 − 1500 pounds.

Finalizing Details

Generally, unless other arrangements have been made, you will receive a call the day before scheduled delivery to confirm the details and go over any remaining payments due. Sometimes we may have to reschedule due to inclement weather conditions - one thing we don't take any chances with is getting your wood wet!


We always need at least one assistant on site to help with unloading the truck. Every piece must be handed off the truck, carried into the stacking location and placed on stickers. With larger orders it's best to have three or four helpers.

Our driver will have a copy of all applicable paperwork, including the stacking instructions and acclimation information. Please review it all and ask for clarification on any items you don't understand.

Quick Steps

  1. Clear a space
  2. Acclimate the space
  3. Confirm delivery details
  4. Get together a final payment
  5. Gather some people to help unload
  6. Unload and stack the wood on delivery
  7. Acclimate the wood 10-14 days before installation